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11 Southern Interior Designer-Approved Amazon Black Friday Deals 2023

Who do you trust for the best home decor advice? Influencers usually have some exciting ideas, and there’s always our moms to fall back on, of course. But what if we told you that it’s possible to take the advice of real professionals—the ones that live, breathe, and work in home decor? Well, it is possible, because we reached out to a handful of Southern-based interior designers for their expert recommendations about what to buy during Black Friday sales.

In sharing their professional opinions on what’s worth buying during the biggest savings event of the year, these interior designers are making it as easy as possible to shop the sale with purpose. Below, check out 12 Black Friday home decor deals that come highly recommended by Southern-based interior designers—up to 40 percent off.

Shop Designer-Approved Black Friday Home Decor Picks

Sunpan Modern Logan End Table


“I love this item because of its sleek and contemporary design,” explains Lauren Czarniecki of Palm Beach, FL-based luxury residential and hospitality design firm Czar Interiors. “It gives a minimalist yet elegant appearance, and I could envision it styled alongside a luxurious sofa or accent chair in a monochromatic or neutral-toned room, allowing the end table to serve as a functional yet understated focal point.”

Czarniecki adds, “The table’s clean lines not only elevate the aesthetic of the space, but also bring a touch of sophistication and a sense of refinement to the overall ambiance.”

Hewory Two-Piece Glass Vases


“I always admire large glass vases for their versatility and timeless elegance,” Czarniecki says. This two-piece set includes one 9.8-inch by 5.9-inch vase and one 12.6-inch by 7.1-inch bottleneck vase made from recycled glass. 

“These vases serve as striking statement pieces that can be styled in various ways, from holding lush floral arrangements to displaying decorative objects or simply standing alone as artful accents,” Czarniecki adds. “We love incorporating large vases with greenery into our designs to add a touch of sophistication.”

Naunauya 100-Piece Dried Pampas Grass


“Boho pampas grass is in right now, and it’s great for introducing a unique and natural element in your home,” Czarniecki says. “Its feathery plumes and earthy hues add a touch of bohemian chic to any decor, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and rustic charm.”

This pampas bouquet is made from 100 individual pieces of dried pampas, including 50 primary color dried bunny tails, 20 primary color reed grass, 15 white pampers, and 15 primary color pampas.

“We tend to style pampas grass in tall, decorative vases or use it as a centerpiece, offering a sense of texture and movement,” Czarniecki explains. “Its relaxed, yet sophisticated presence brings warmth and organic beauty to the ambiance, infusing a space with a trendy, boho-inspired aesthetic that complements high-end furnishings and design elements.”

Fancy Homi Four-Pack Neutral Decorative Throw Pillows


“I tend to favor neutral decorative throw pillow covers because of their timeless and versatile appeal,” Czarniecki explains. “These covers serve as a foundation for a well-balanced and elegant color palette, allowing us to introduce pops of color or pattern through other decor elements.” 

Available in a four-pack, each 18-inch by 18-inch pillow cover (they are also available in a variety of other sizes) features a hidden zipper that’s stitched into the side, a subtly striped pattern, and extremely soft plush material.

“The understated, muted tones create a sense of sophistication and tranquility in a room, making it easier to achieve a cohesive and refined aesthetic,” Czarniecki adds. “These neutral pillow covers can be effortlessly styled on luxurious sofas or beds, adding a layer of comfort and a touch of understated luxury to the overall ambiance and home decor.”

Diptyque 6.5-Ounce Mimosa Candle


High-end luxury brand Diptyque is known for its candles, and according to Marisa Wilson, CEO and Principal Designer at Marisa Wilson Interior Design in Charlotte, NC, Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on them while they’re on sale.

Now the lowest price it has been in the past 30 days, Wilson’s pick is the mimosa scent. “Diptyque candles are so luxurious and they’re basically always on my wish list. They all smell amazing and burn really well, but Mimosa, Roses, and Gardenia are a few of my favorite scents. They make a lovely, consumable gift, and the glass jar can be used for fun storage containers when the candle has sadly burned up.”

“Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind”


Proving that interior designers also enjoy looking to the professionals in their lives for inspiration, Wilson’s next pick serves function, purpose, and adds style to the coffee table.

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Berk, and he is genuinely as kind and fabulous as he is on the hit Netflix series ‘Queer Eye,’” Wilson says. “His book really gets to the heart of design. It’s not just about looking pretty; how your home is designed truly affects your mental health and your life. His approach to design, which he outlines step by step in his new book, is as approachable as he is.”

Seediq Wireless Picture Light


No electrical wiring required! With this wireless picture light, you can light up any gallery wall or piece of art with nothing but a few screws and a wireless remote.

“Picture lighting is an easy upgrade for your art collection,” Wilson explains. “I love how affordable these lights are and that they don’t require hardwiring. It doesn’t have to be a collector’s piece either; whatever art you have hanging that is special to you is worthy of being elevated in your space.”

MyGift Clear Glass Apothecary Jars Set of Three


A go-to hack of Wilson’s, this three-piece set of apothecary jars includes one large jar (at 13.8 inches by 3.7 inches), one medium jar (at 12.8 inches by 5.1 inches), and one small jar (at 8.5 inches by 4.3 inches). 

“I use apothecary jars to organize and display everything from seasonal items like ornaments or cranberries to bath items and jewelry,” Wilson explains. “I’ve even used them to showcase a client’s collection of natural items like rocks and shells. They come in all shapes and sizes and make everything look pretty.”

Rio Salto Metal Gold Outlet Light Switch Covers


“When you’re ready to upgrade the switch plates in your home from the plastic ones that everyone has, consider these gold metal ones,” Wilson says. “Don’t underestimate how little details like this can bring you joy on a daily basis. Little thoughtful touches like this can really take your space to the next level, without costing an arm and a leg.”

Cooper Classics Home Decorative Pinlo Mirror


“The Pinlo mirror has a fabulous vintage-inspired chinoiserie appeal with a bold lacquered finish,” Wilson says of this 1.5-inch by 28.5-inch by 42-inch decorative mirror. “You could use this mirror in any room in the house, but I have a similar one in my entry. You can never go wrong with faux bamboo if you’re a Hollywood Regency style fan like me.”

Perfinique Modern Farmhouse Lantern Decor Set of Two


“These modern lanterns can be styled with autumn-inspired accents like decorative gourds, dried wheat, or candles, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere,” Czarniecki says, adding that they can be decorative well into the winter months, too.  “We suggest placing these strategically in living spaces or on dining tables, to evoke a warm and elegant ambiance. These lanterns can also be placed on a front doorstep or back patio year-round to add light and create a warm, homey feeling.”


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