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14 pretty home decor under $25 to shop on Amazon in 2023


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Look, I unabashedly love pretty things. And, since you’re here, I’m assuming you do as well. From pretty fashion to pretty beauty and pretty cars, pretty things are just fun. The best pretty thing, though, is pretty home decor.

Unfortunately for us, pretty home decor is usually expensive. Since pretty home decor requires a home to decorate, our funds go to our not-so-pretty rent. Thank god Amazon consistently pulls through on the pretty home decor front.

From gorgeous decorative scented candles to fancy-looking colorful glassware and silk flowers that look super real and that viral mushroom lamp (you know the one), I found the best Amazon pretty home decor for under $25. Happy pretty home decor shopping!

1. Mushroom Lamp, $25.99

Credit: Amazon

You’ve probably seen this on TikTok, but it’s really just so good. Between the deep plum color and hand-blown glass look, this mushroom lamp is the cutest little thing.

2. Schonee Oval Vintage Decorative Mirror Tray, $16.88

Credit: Amazon

The decor possibilities are seriously endless with this vintage-looking mirror tray.

3. TOSSWARE RESERVE 12-Ounce Old Fashioned, Set of 4, $24.83

Credit: Amazon

Imagine these colorful glasses displayed on a bar cart.

4. Z PLINRISE Aesthetic Wave Pattern Irregular Frame Mirror, $13.99

Credit: Amazon

The funky design of this small baby pink vanity mirror creates the perfect balance of pretty and fun.

5. DISSA Fleece Blanket Throw, $22.99 (Orig. $25.99)

Credit: Amazon

A big, chunky fleece throw blanket is always a good idea, and this one looks way more expensive than $22.

6. Makeup Perfume Organizer, Bathroom Vanity Tray, $12.50 (Orig. $16.99)

Credit: Amazon

Perfume bottles are gorgeous, so you should display them in something worthy of their beauty.

7. MIULEE Fall, Pack of 2 Burnt Orange Pillow Covers, $15.99

Credit: Amazon

Obviously, rust-colored pillows are perfect for fall — but still look great all year long. Imagine the soft, dreamy naps you’ll take on these velvet throw pillows.

8. MASSJOY European Retro Nostalgic Three-Dimensional Relief Color Glass Jar, $14.98

Credit: Amazon

Whether you use these for candy, jewelry, cotton rounds or salt, these antique-looking glass jars will look great in every room.

9. Sakugi Shower Caddy – 3-Piece Set, $19.99 (Orig. $39.99)

Credit: Amazon

Even though your shower has a questionable stain that kind of looks like black mold (even though your landlord says it isn’t), a matte black shower caddy will make it feel like a spa.

10. JAKY-Global Baby’s Breath Fabric Cloth Artificial Flowers, $15.99 (Orig. $19.99)

Credit: Amazon

Silk flowers are truly one of the best sustainable creations. Place this bunch of baby’s breath in a big vase or sprinkle it around your home, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

11. European Style Ceramic Teapot, $24.95 (Orig. $26.99)

Credit: Amazon

Honestly, what’s more pretty than a floral teapot worthy of a garden party? Nothing.

12. Body Vase Female Form, $16.95 (Orig. $22.95)

Credit: Amazon

A modern and minimalist body vase is such a trendy way to add a touch of daintiness to your home.

13. LA JOLIE MUSE Vanilla Cake Scented Candles, $23.99 (Orig. $30.99)

Credit: Amazon

Scented candles are excellent, especially when they come in a votive that you want to reuse once the candle is all burnt out. Plus, this one is vanilla-scented for the perfect cozy szn vibes.

14. BUTI4WLD Velvet Small Jewelry Box, $22.99

Credit: Amazon

Look, everyone loves a good jewelry tree — but it’s time to upgrade to something a little less messy. This velvet green jewelry box looks gorgeous on any dresser and is perfect for traveling. And since your jewelry is tucked away, it won’t oxidize.

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