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15 Christmas Tables Decorations on Amazon in 2022

Whether you’re hosting an intimate holiday dinner party or looking to add some festive flair into your space, the dining table is a great place to focus because it’s a focal point of the home. That doesn’t mean you need to deck your oak eight-seater with enormous inflatable Rudolphs and ceramic nativity scenes; rather, track down subdued tablescape pieces that are festive, stylish, and versatile. 

Amazon is a great place to shop because its Holiday Decor section is filled with jolly gems. If you’re thinking about adding decorative serving plates, charcuterie boards, chic candles, lush garlands, Christmas table runners, or even tabletop trees that aren’t overpowering, we found Christmas table decorations you’ll be proud to showcase.  

Ahead, discover 15 holiday-inspired decor pieces that are just waiting to make your dining room a little merrier. Read on to start shopping for the cutest tablescape ideas—all on Amazon, starting at just $10.

Holiday Tablescape Decor on Amazon 


Dofira Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Antler Handle

We love a cutting board with personality. This one has spunky antlers on top for some fun, but the board itself is top notch—made of a durable acacia wood from a sustainable plantation in Thailand. Use the board in the kitchen for your prep work, then use it on the dining table as a charcuterie board. 

To buy: $30 (was $37); amazon.com.


Root Unscented Grecian Collenettes Dinner Candles

Selecting candles for the dining table requires more thought than you might think. This reviewer summed it up: “[It’s a] perfect candle for the dinner table because it’s dripless and odorless.” These unscented, USA-made candles use lead-free fiber wicks, are available in five neutral shades, and come in 11 varying heights ranging from five inches to 12-inches tall. 

To buy: $30 (was $38); amazon.com.


LoveInUsa Mini Sisal Snow Frost Trees 

This 34-pack of mini bottle brush trees will complete your dining table vignette in a flash. The trees are miniature and vary in size; small trees are roughly 1.5 inches and tall trees are just shy of 5 inches. The trees won’t topple over on fake snow, as this shopper said: “They stand up pretty well on my ‘snow’ blanket base.”

To buy: $16 (was $20); amazon.com.


DearHouse Eucalyptus Garlands

A garland adds interest, color, and even sophistication to a tablescape, and can be especially useful if you’re trying to tone down some of the more over-the-top decor you’ve bought. They look especially beautiful wrapped around candles (real or fake), and they truly work any time of year. This set comes with two strands, each 6 feet long and filled with roughly 150 silver eucalyptus leaves. 

To buy: $17; amazon.com.


Jollylife Christmas Santa Hats Silverware Holders

If you already have the neutral-toned chargers and subtle decor, then you might be ready for something a little louder, like this Santa hat silverware holder set. Each hat in the 38-piece set measures roughly 3 by 7 inches—roomy enough for the fork, knife, and spoon—and are adorable. If you won’t be setting the table for 38 guests, shoppers suggest using the extras to put gift cards or money inside.

To buy:  $18; amazon.com.


Your Magic Moment Gauze Table Runner

A beige cheesecloth runner will add dimension and warm up your space. This one is cotton, made in Ukraine, and is 157 inches long. If you’re not sure how to decorate it, this shopper used it as “part of [their] ‘all natural’ Christmas decor” and added pine cones, dried pomegranates, bells, and greenery to it.

To buy: $18; amazon.com.


Kposiya Christmas Napkin Rings

If you plan on using a boho-inspired neutral-toned runner, you might find there’s more opportunity to play with extravagant decor, like these festive napkin rings. This set of 12 metal and rhinestone Christmas napkins rings come in six different styles, including trees, deers, bowties, wreaths, and more. Cleaning them is a breeze, according to the brand, just wipe them with a wet cloth.  

To buy: $26; amazon.com.


Lenox Winter Greetings Cheese Plate And Knife Set

Everything about this classic cheese and knife combo feels elevated; it’s the sort of set that might’ve been passed down through the family. The best-selling set is made with a dishwasher-safe porcelain finish and has 24k gold details. Although it’s a delicate duo, Lenox offers a replacement promise—they’ll replace it for free if you’ve registered the item and it breaks. Set your seasonal Vacherin cheese out on this and watch the plate dazzle.

To buy: $24; amazon.com.


Rhytsing Gray Glass Battery Operated LED Candles with Remote

These smoky gray glass flameless candles will look absolutely dreamy on a Christmas tablescape because of the way the warm light reflects off the candleholder. Each pillar candle is a different height (4, 5, and 6 inches tall). One reviewer who wanted to brighten up their home for the holidays switched to these for safety reasons. They found that the light doesn’t flicker too much, yet produces a nice, calming glow and said the candles are a “higher quality than expected.”

To buy: $20 with coupon (was $27); amazon.com.


CraftMore Smokey Pine Garland

This rustic 6-foot long garland features mini pine cones throughout that look like you grabbed them during a neighborhood nature walk. Display the garland in lieu of a runner on your table, or use them around flameless candles. They’re bendable, which makes them easy to wrap around any little figurines you want to add.

To buy: $20 (was $30); amazon.com.


Folkulture Christmas Table Runners

A Christmas table runner doesn’t need to be loud, as evidenced by this one, which is on the thinner and more delicate side. One reviewer was happy that it had an “earthy and pretty, soft vibe.” It’s 72-inches long and made of cotton. You’ll want to wash it by hand once it gets some spills on it.

To buy: $14 with coupon(was $15), amazon.com. 


Fitz and Floyd Trestle Glassware Ornate Goblets

Add a set of jewel-toned goblets to your dining table and they’ll quickly transform your space into a winter wonderland. Reviewers were in awe of how striking the glassware set looked against their holiday decor. One shopper who wanted ruby red glassware for the holidays said “the pressed glass design is attractive and [looked] great with holiday dishes.”

To buy: $37 (was $42); amazon.com.


Urban Villa Christmas Checks Dinner Napkins

For $25 you can get a dozen red and green plaid napkins that’ll instantly ready you for Christmas. Each napkin is 20 by 20 inches, machine washable, and can even be used in the kitchen as a dish cloth. Since these are so bold, you’ll likely want to incorporate softer tones into your table.

To buy: $25; amazon.com.


Toncoo Premium Wood Place Card Holders 

These place card holders lean rustic, which might be exactly what your tablescape needs to tone down some of the on-the-red-nose garb you’ve scooped up. You’ll get a ton of use out of these, too; multiple shoppers confirm they can be used for other purposes, like as dish name cards at potlucks or picture holders at weddings.

To buy: $10 (was $11); amazon.com.


Eambrite Warm White LED Birch Tree Light 

Because this birch tree set has year-round appeal, you may end up leaving it on your table far after the holidays are over. Each plastic tree stands 2-feet tall and has 24 warm LED lights with 25,000 hours of battery life. 

To buy: $31 (was $33); amazon.com.


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