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16 Unforgettable Pieces Of Lord Of The Rings Decor So You Can Create Your Own Middle-Earth

Every Lord of the Rings fan would love to travel to Middle-earth. These amazing decor items will make you feel like you are already there.

The Lord of the Rings has enchanted readers and movie-goers for decades. Fans of the Peter Jackson films, in particular, tend to be avid collectors of items inspired by both the movies and the books, from Funko Pop! toys to The Lord of the Rings Monopoly game and more. Twenty years after the release of Jackson’s The Return of the King, more and more unique gifts and merchandise continue to crop up, to the delight of fans.


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While fans may think they already have the best The Lord of the Rings merchandise on the market, there are so many ways to celebrate their love for all things related to Middle-earth. What better way to spruce up a fan’s hobbit hole than with some fantastic The Lord of the Rings decor?

  • A tapestry of a cat Gandalf

    Pure Country Weavers Catdalf Blanket

    Two words: Catdalf blanket. Perfect for The Lord of the Rings fans, cat lovers, and pun enthusiasts, this cotton throw blanket can be used to keep warm while having a LOTR trilogy marathon on the couch or proudly displayed on the wall. Purchasing this treasure will also support a small business. 

  • Lord of the rings wall clock

    ArogGeld Lord of The Wall Clock

    This beautiful wooden clock is battery-operated and uses silent quartz technology to banish any loud ticking. It features a calligraphic elvish scroll circling the outside, and the inside reads one of Gandalf’s most famous quotes: “All you have to do decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.”

  • Argonath statues bookends

    Lord of the Rings Argonath Bookends

    These resin bookends are modeled after the grand Gates of Argonath, which fans will likely remember from The Fellowship of the Ring movie. Highly detailed and sturdy to boot, these functional home decor pieces will help to proudly display Tolkien’s works, as well as any The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit DVD or Blu-ray collection.

  • Prancing pony and Green Dragon signs

    Lord of The Rings The Prancing Pony and The Green Dragon Pub Signs Set

    These signs of The Prancing Pony and The Green Dragon will make any living space feel like a genuine hobbit inn. The dimensions for each are 11 X 7, and they are hand-sculpted using a variety of materials, including metal, vinyl, and resin. They can be mounted on the wall for fans to admire while they sit back and have a pint.

  • No admittance except on party business sign

    No Admittance Except On Party Business Wooden Sign

    An iconic piece for any fan of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, this wooden sign is inspired by Bilbo Baggins’s own home decor. It measures approximately 12 X 6 inches and has an attached string for hanging. Perfect for casual parties, formal events, or to display in the home.

  • A map of Middle-Earth

    Lord Of The Rings Middle Earth Map

    The Lord of the Rings fans can follow along Frodo’s journey – from the Shire to Mordor and back again – with this beautiful wall map of Middle-earth. This canvas art print measures 24×36 inches, and is also available in other sizes. It also comes with a solid wooden frame.

  • Decorative Lothlorien pewter candle holder

    Lothlorien Candle Holder

    “May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out.” The elf Galadriel was speaking of the Light of Earendil when she said this famous line, but it also applies to this beautiful item. Designed after the ethereal home of the elves, this Lothlorien candle holder will make any home feel magical.

  • Black flag with white tree of Gondor

    Tree Of Gondor Banner

    Fans can show their Gondorian pride with this black and white banner that displays the legendary White Tree of Gondor. The design is based on the same symbol from The Return of the King film. The flag measures 50×30 inches, is machine washable, and includes two grommets at the corners for convenient display options.

  • Andruil sword prop with plaque

    Anduril Sword With Wall Mount

    Anduril, Flame of the West, the Sword Reborn. Whatever The Lord of the Rings fans call it, it makes an awesome conversation piece. A replica of Aragorn’s iconic blade from The Return of the King, this stainless steel sword is of beautiful make and comes with a wooden display plaque for mounting on the wall.

  • A glass Lord of the Rings candle

    The Lord of the Rings Glass Candle

    Bring a little light into the home of a Lord of the Rings fan with this unscented candle. This elegantly simple candle sits in a glass holder with a gold foil ring around it adorned with Elvish script, and beneath it reads “One Ring To Rule Them All.” Yet there is more to this candle that meets the eye – within the wax is a replica of the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings.

  • A Lord of the Rings doormat with

    The Lord Of The Rings “Speak Friend And Enter” Doormat

    Lord of the Rings lovers and honorary hobbits can offer a warm welcome to visitors with this fun doormat. Inspired by the door in the Mines of Moria from The Fellowship of the Ring, the mat reads “Speak Friend And Enter” in the iconic font from the films, as well as a symbol of the Elven tree beneath.

  • A frame with Lord of the Rings movie photo and mini cell

    The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring 20th Anniversary Framed MiniCell

    $35 $40 Save $5

    True fans of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy must have this unique piece of decor that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Jackson films. This collectible includes a 5X7 frame that holds a mini-poster from The Fellowship of the Ring movie – but the best part is the mini 35mm cell of an actual frame from the movie.

  • A 3-part shower curtain with Lord of the Rings movie posters

    The Lord Of The Rings Shower Curtain

    Why stop with the bathroom when it comes to decorating a home with The Lord of the Rings theme? Fans should be able to enjoy their love for LOTR in any room of the house! This glorious fabric shower curtain depicts posters from all three movies in the trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

  • A Visit Hobbiton vintage travel poster

    The Lord Of The Rings Hobbiton Vintage Travel Poster

    What The Lord of the Rings fan hasn’t dreamed of taking a holiday in the peaceful countryside of the Shire? Though it may be a long way to New Zealand for some, fans can still daydream with this vintage-style Hobbiton poster. This 12×18 inch poster is perfect for any room in the home, and would make a great gift.

  • A black silhouette Lord of the Rings wall art

    Lord Of The Rings Metal Wall Art

    The epic journey of The Lord of the Rings begins with a fellowship of nine companions, and this wall decor depicts the iconic group as they begin their harrowing quest in The Fellowship of the Ring. Appearing in silhouette, this metal wall art outlines the memorable characters from the films, starting with Gandalf the Grey and ending with Aragorn.

  • A Treebeard snow globe

    The Lord of The Rings Treebeard Snow Globe

    $64 $70 Save $6

    “Tree? I am no tree. I am an ent!” A beloved character from The Two Towers, Treebeard is a wise and ancient being who seeks to restore the balance of nature to Middle-earth. Fans of the movies will love this officially licensed collectible – a hand-painted snow globe with finely crafted details and beautiful aesthetic.  

Making A Hobbit Hole A Home

Any of these products would not only make great gifts for fans but would also help to make their personal space feel like they have been whisked away to the Shire. The Catdalf throw blanket is a wonderful gift for those with unique tastes, and the Middle-earth map is an absolute must-have for the home of any Lord of the Rings fan.


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Fans of Aragorn, in particular, would love to get their hands on the Anduril sword, or even the Tree of Gondor flag. Those who celebrate Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’s birthday on September 22 and plan on throwing their own hobbit-themed party should consider the “No Admittance” sign an absolute necessity for their festivities.


What Does The Lord Of The Rings Symbolize?

There are many important themes throughout J.R.R. Tolkien’s most famous work, The Lord of the Rings. Some are simple, yet timeless, such as the battle of good versus evil and love triumphing over hate. The books are also rife with the message of anti-industrialization, of which Tolkien was a strong supporter. Some experts also speculate that there are various symbols pertaining to Christianity.

How Many Rings Were Given To The Humans?

Nine Rings of Power were given to men by Sauron, knowing that they would be corrupted and become his servants. In The Silmarillion, it says that three of the men were from Numenor before the city fell. The nine men then became the Nazgul, who were compelled to hunt down the One Ring.

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