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17 picks for people on a budget


Dec 17, 2022 #budget, #people, #Picks

The holiday season can put a strain on even the most organized and well-intentioned budget. I, personally, love giving presents – even more than receiving them. While I enjoy ferreting out the perfect gift (or gifts) for each recipient on my list, time sometimes gets away from me (kind of like my money…). Which is why I decided to try and stick to a $20 or less per item limit.

Twenty dollars may not seem like it goes very far these days but if, like me, you’re trying to keep to a budget this holiday season and have a long list of people to buy for: friends, work colleagues, and family, you’ll be happy to learn that Amazon has a plethora of useful and quality home gifts under $20 (or check out our list of gifts under $10) suitable for all sorts of gift-giving occasions and people.

Dash Mini Maker Electric Griddle – $12.99

DASH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle for Individual Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on chilly, wintery mornings (at least I think so). If we’re not cooking for a whole family, many of us tend to gravitate toward a non-hot meal at the top of the day. This doesn’t have to be the norm.

Available in a variety of bright colors (like red, pink, and aqua), this mini electric griddle allows the user to make individual servings of eggs and pancakes as well as grilled cheese and cookies without using big pans or pots. And its petit size is perfect for anyone you know with a small apartment kitchen (or students in college dorms) or that friend who takes their camper or RV on regular trips.

Dash Rapid Electric Egg Cooker – $17.99

DASH Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity

As the old commercial jingle goes, eggs are incredible and edible. They make the perfect meal or, if hard-boiled, on-the-go snack. This egg cooker from Dash cooks hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and poached eggs. You can also make omelets quickly and efficiently with less mess than the traditional frying pan. It’s the perfect gift for every egg lover in your life. 

Pyrex 3-piece Mixing Bowl Set – $17.84

Pyrex Smart Essentials 3-Piece Prepware Mixing Bowl Set

For the baker or chef on your Christmas gift list, this set of Pyrex, glass mixing bowls makes a wonderful gift. I, for one, always wish I had another bowl handy when preparing a meal or multiple desserts (I’m one of those occasional bakers who likes to make many things at a time). Plus, the Pyrex brand has been around for over a hundred years, manufacturing durable, high-quality glass cookware so you know your gift will last a long time.

Kate Spade Cookie Time Weekend Mug – $15

Kate Spade Cookie Time Giving Plate

Kate Spade New York


I love plaid, especially on oversized shirts and dishware. While this Kate Spade mug is obviously not a shirt, it is slightly oversized, holding 13 ounces of liquid. And the name suggests that its proper use involves cookies so, all in all, I’d consider it an excellent, festive mug to give and receive to almost anyone. 

Paddywax Realm Candle: Pink – $16

Paddywax Candles Realm Candle, 12 Ounces, Pink, Dusk

Designed with upcycling in mind, Paddywax fashions hand-poured candles in funky shapes in their Nashville, Tennessee factory. This pink, dusk, soy wax candle arrives in a glass vessel shaped in consecutive circles. All of this plus an all-natural, cotton wick makes them an excellent present for your sustainability-centric and eco-conscious friend or family member.

Sujun set of 3 Matte Black Taper Candle Holders – $18.99

SUJUN Matte Black Candle Holders Set of 3 for Taper Candles

If you’re stumped as to what to get someone on your gift list, consider these elegant and understated black metal taper candle holders. They’re sold in threes of varying heights and hold standard ¾ inch tapers. Their simple design means they’ll mesh well with any decor. 

Ronxs Candle Accessory Kit – $19.99

RONXS 3 in 1 Candle Accessory Set

Made from black, polished, stainless steel this three-piece candle accessory set from Ronxs is the perfect gift for any lover of the open flame. The set includes a snuffer for putting out said open flames, a wick trimmer to prolong candle life, and a wick dipper that helps you position a wick for optimal burning. 

Art of Mixology Book – $11.08

The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions

Parragon Books


Do you know someone who fancies themselves a master drink maker and/or enjoys bartending at their parties? A copy of ‘The Art of Mixology’ makes an excellent gift. The book features recipes for artisan cocktails as well as traditional classics like a Mai tai and Zombie. It even has non-alcoholic drink concoctions such as the Ginger Fizz and Cranberry Energizer. 

Craft Coffee: A Manual Book – $15.79

Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home

Most of us drink coffee. Some of us are perfectly happy with our simple, drip electric coffee makers while others aspire to brew the perfect cup. This book is for anyone on your list who wants to make “better” coffee at home; coffee that tastes more like the cup you get from your favorite artisanal coffee spot without the $6 or more cost per day (remember we are on a budget).

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker – On sale for $19.79

Bodum 11571-109 Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

I think we all probably know a coffee snob (or two); the type who likes to tell us how to brew a “proper” cup of coffee and complains incessantly about the quality of the joe in the work break room. The Bodum manual, pour-over brewer is the answer to their coffee woes. It comes with a permanent stainless steel filter and allows your giftee to concoct a delicious cup of their favorite brew in minutes.

Simple Modern Travel Mug with Lid – $17.99

Simple Modern Travel Coffee Mug with Lid and Handle

Coffee mugs are one of those things a person can never have enough of; especially travel ones. This insulated stainless steel mug from Simple Modern comes with a flip lid for secure transport that twists on so you can position it for your drinking hand preference. It also keeps your beverage at the same temperature it started out as for up to four hours: no more lukewarm coffee!

Brimma Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – $14.99

Brimma Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Water is essential for all living things though many of us don’t drink enough of it. While I personally like my water unencumbered by other flavors (and never fizzy), there is a large swath of people who prefer theirs with some extra pizzazz. The Brimma fruit infuser water bottle lets the user create flavored water to their heart’s content – and stay hydrated in the process. Works with any kind of fruit or herb such as mint, berries, kiwi, or orange.

Simple Modern Disney Reusable Snack Bags – $14.99

Simple Modern Disney Reusable Snack Bags for Kids

Have someone on your list who always travels with snacks for their kids or themselves? Reusable snack bags from Simple Modern make a wonderful (and sustainable) gift. Three sizes are included: 7” by 3”, 7” by 7”, and 7.9” by 10” and feature a variety of prints including Paw Patrol, Pixar Pals, and retro Mickey and Minnie Mouse – for the Disney fan in all of us. 

Tree of Life Chakra Stone Hanging Ornament – $19.99

VNVETYTO Tree of Life Chakra Stones

Traditionally, the Tree of Life signifies knowledge and wisdom and is thought to promote beauty, good health, and abundance. This hanging chakra stone version features seven crystals wrapped in natural cording with a copper wire tree of life at the top. The healing chakras included are clear crystal quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, tiger eye. yellow jasper, red jasper, and green aventurine. Hang it on a Christmas tree, in a window, or on the wall. Buy two of them as many Amazon reviewers mentioned liking it so much that they considered keeping it for themselves.

Mikono Hanging Photo Display Wooden Stars Garland – $17.99

Mkono Hanging Photo Display

This hanging, photo display garland with gold wood stars makes a great present for almost anyone. It can also be displayed sans photos as a simple star garland (who doesn’t like star garland?). Gift it to a dear friend or family member complete with photos to commemorate your star-filled relationship.

Cast Iron Jack Paperweight or Doorstop – $12.99

GSM Cast Iron Jack Retro Decorative Home Accents -Paperweight - Doorstop

Finished in a dark brown color this retro jack-shaped piece of cast iron works well as a paperweight or doorstop – or just as a cool décor piece. However it’s used, it’s sure to dredge up some nostalgia for the rubber ball-bouncing game of yore.

Michelangelo David Bust Statue Replica 6 inch – $17.99

LKXHarleya 6 Inch Classic Greek Michelangelo David Bust

This six-inch tall, resin statue is a scaled-down replica of Michelangelo’s David bust – and makes a perfect home décor gift for the art lover in all of us. Your giftee can place their David head anywhere: bookcase, coffee table, or plant stand. According to Amazon reviewers, the statue can also be painted and takes color well. Sometimes too well. One purchaser complained that their David arrived with a pink hue because of a broken jar of cherries he was shipped with. Lesson: don’t buy a jar of cherries with a David statue.


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