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17 viral TikTok items you didn’t know you needed from Amazon

From a five-minute journal to a supersized water bottle and a £5 bubble headband, 17 viral TikTok items you didn’t know you needed from Amazon

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TikTok has become the place to inspire you to shop. The social media platform is well known for dance trends, memes, hacks and unique challenges, but above all; it’s a treasure trove of products you didn’t know you needed.

With viral products from heatless curling rod headbands and insulated travel cups to hair oils generating millions of views, it can be a difficult task to scroll without shopping.

There’s even a hashtag called #TiKTokMadeMeBuyIt that’s been viewed nearly 40 billion times, where a community of users have shared the items they have seen on the app that they couldn’t resist buying.

Ahead we share 17 of the top products that have gone viral on TikTok that are available from Amazon.  

Forget fine bone china, and brighten up your morning cuppa with his adorable chubby Mug & Saucer Set instead.

Boasting a creative shape with a big-ear handle design, the chunky mug and saucer, crafted from ceramic and finished with a black speckle glaze, is surprisingly light to hold and offers ample charm.


For big bouncy curls without any heat, thousands of TikTokers are turning to heatless curl kits. Comfortable enough to sleep in, users have shown how they wrap their hair around the headband and secure it, then wake up in the morning with bouncy luscious curls – it’s genius. 


A new year has sparked reflection and manifestation with the hashtag #fiveminutejournal racking up 15 million views as TikTokers share how they’re using the bestselling Intelligent Change: The Five Minute Journal to express their thoughts, ideas and goals. 


Said to be the best way to get soft, smooth, callus-free feet without visiting a salon, the Plantifique Foot Peel Mask is simply a pair of socks drenched in exfoliating acids – in this case, lactic acid – that gently slough away and remove hard, dead skin until it literally sheds off. 

The process isn’t pretty, but the results are worth it. 


Arguably one of the most viral TikTok products right now, Stanley’s Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler has taken social media by storm with the hashtag #stanleycup amassing a whopping 3.5 billion views. 

The insulated 40-ounce cup stays cold for hours, has a spill-proof lid, features a straw and an ergonomic handle and easily fits in just about any car cup holder. 

Its popularity has seen prices soar for the tumbler – on eBay, the travel cup is being resold for up to £100.


A favourite among influencers, bubble sponge headbands are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face when applying makeup or cleansing. 

Admittedly hard to get a hold of, due to their increasing popularity, the fun and practical headbands have quickly become a must-have for every makeup and skincare lover. 


Rosemary oil has fast become TikTok’s new favourite hair hero, with users touting its ability to promote hair growth in a matter of weeks – the hashtag #rosmaryoil currently has more than 485 million views. 

Influencers are ravings about its benefits, and studies have shown that rosemary oil does, in fact, increase blood circulation, which helps fuel your follicles to encourage hair growth. 


Many beauty tools promise to help you achieve a salon-quality blowout at home, but the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser is a favourite among TikTokers who claim it’s one of the best hot air brushes on the market, according to thousands of beauty fans.

Not only does the compact gadget do the work of a hairdryer and volumiser in one so you can cut your styling time in half, but it reduces frizz thanks to ionic technology.


Earning praise for its cuddly, warm design that’s similar to the TikTok-viral brand Oodie but at a fraction of the cost, this blanket hoodie is lined with sherpa fleece (designed to mimic the warmth and comfort of sheepskin) and includes a large, oversized front pocket and elastic cuffs, and it can be machine washed. 


Silicone toilet brushes are a surprising favourite among TikTokers, but the hashtag #siliconetoiletbrus has generated more than 3.6 million views, with users praising the non-scratch silicone brushes that are easy to clean and don’t harbour nasty smells.

Others praise its flexibility, which makes cleaning under the brim easy, dislodging trapped dirt and grime.


An alternative way of burning candles, candle warmers have gone viral on TikTok, with the hashtag #candlewarmer racking up over 60 million views.

Designed to heat up a candle using an LED light, the alternative decor melts the candle without having to actually set light to it, making your favourite candle last longer.


Clipping onto pots, pans and bowls, this viral silicone strainer is ideal for efficiently draining water from your pasta, rice, vegetables and potatoes. 

Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, it also saves space by easily storing in a utensil drawer, unlike regular colanders. 


This nifty kitchen gadget cuts vegetables including onions (one of the most-hated kitchen tasks), with one swift motion – and without any tears.

The chopper delivers fast, consistent results each and every time. And TikTokers love that it quickly helps prepare homemade meals from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits for salads, stir-fries, soups, stews, desserts and more.


Another household item that’s blown up on the social media app is automatic foam soap dispensers with the hashtag #soapdispenser, amassing more than 98 million views. 

This hands-free soap dispenser from Amazon keeps hands cleaner with less contact than using a pump bottle. 


The daily and morning routine trend has TikTok users obsessed, drawing inspiration from TikTokers’ satisfyingly tidy and productive ways.

One item spotted in serval videos of those who work from home is under-desk treadmills. The flat workout machine fits under your desk and allows you to walk while you work. You’ll be able to hit your step goal day after day – no excuses.


Ice cube trays, whether large and square or small and circular, have racked up millions of views on TikTok. 

And this set in particular, which comes with a set of three ice cube trays that produce 99 mini ice globes, a container and a scoop, is a hit not only on the social media app but on Amazon too, where it’s received nearly 2,000 perfect ratings. 


Weighted hula hoops have gone viral on TikTok, with users sharing incredible waist-toning results.

Garnering millions of views on the social media platform, weighted hula hoops encourage you to engage your core for improved strength and definition whilst giving you massage pressure on your waist.



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