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21 Best Home Deals From Amazon Prime Day to Spruce Things Up

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

The seasons — plural; first spooky, followed by cozy, and then so-cold-I’m crying— of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are upon us. But there’s hope! Well, there’s retail therapy, i.e., a totally legit reason to add things to cart. (Amazon Prime Day, it’s Amazon Prime Day.) Because what better way to add some serotonin into your cozy abode than buying little trinkets to surround yourself with around the house? (If you’ve already invested in a SAD lamp, fear not: There are other purchases that’ll bump up your mood.)

Anyway, we’ve gone through all the best Prime Day home deals so you don’t have to! From lighting to cleaning products to fancy dishware and household essentials, here’s everything (including stuff that feels way too good to be from Amazon, by the way) that’ll keep you feeling warm inside when it’s dark and cold outside.

OOTD pictures have never looked this good.

This Lego bouquet is a perfect gift for that friend who can’t keep a plant alive.

Place those new stylish fake flowers inside new stylish vases!

Not only is this diffuser top rated for being good at what it does, but it has a cool design, too.

The cutest little lamp to add to any side table. (And it’s cheaper than the ones they sell at Urban Outfitters.)

Store everything from extra blankets to dirty laundry in style.

Perfect for any candelabra, candle holder, or used wine bottle.

This bamboo lamp is sure to give off warm light right after the sun starts setting way too early.

Set the mood in your apartment with these smart bulbs that allow you to choose from 50,000 shades of light.

Forget melatonin or CBD, this pillow will definitely upgrade your quality of sleep. Trust us, it’s a best seller year after year.

For almost 50 percent off, get premium velvet hangers that can hold anything from a light sweater to your trusted puffer jacket.

The perfect way to upgrade your bathroom is with a matching towel set.

Robots might take over the world so befriend them first by allowing this guy to keep your apartment tidy.

If you want to keep that carpet you spent way too much money on as good as new, consider this portable cleaner.

Mopping has never been easier. While it isn’t the viral O-Cedar mop, this spray mop is just as good.

Because the best way to drink your morning cold brew is in a cute glass with a matching straw.

Instead of leaving your leftovers in a forgotten corner of the fridge, use these reusable storage bags to keep them edible for longer.

Just in time for tea season, this small but mighty electric kettle will boil your water in no time.

If you’re looking to throw out your college dishes and get a matching set, this is the affordable answer.

This five-piece cookware set has what you need in a kitchen for basic cooking.

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