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5 best acrylic calendars on Amazon of 2023


Jun 12, 2023 #acrylic, #Amazon, #calendars

There’s just something about the look of clear, acrylic home decor and storage that makes us happy.

The New York Post spoke with Google Shopping (because, hey, we love to shop ’till we drop) on the latest online trends for 2023. Interestingly, searches for “acrylic calendar boards” have gone up in search by 120%, a nod to people loving the look of clear, polished organization for their home.

And, rightfully so. Whether it’s clear makeup drawers to display all of your lipsticks and lip glosses lined up or acrylic pantry organizers for that satisfying in-cabinet display of spaghetti, granola and rice, the ability to easily locate your items has now doubled as a hot new home decor trend.

So, we’re helping you achieve that Pinterest-board home you’ve always dreamed of. Below, find the best acrylic calendars you can easily grab on Amazon for that aesthetically pleasing, well-organized hub to keep track of the current month.

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clicked craft Family Name Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

Step up your typical acrylic calendar with one that’s personalized with your family’s last name. Not only is it a sustainable option that can be used year after year (simply circle the month up top) but it makes a wonderful housewarming gift and even has separate sections for notes, a grocery list and meal-prepping.

RR Raxmin Clear Dry-Erase Board Desktop Calendar

If you don’t have the space to mount your acrylic calendar to the wall, pick up this sweet desk-side option that’ll serve as a nifty resource for all of your dates and appointments. Plus, we love the look of the oversize days of the week.

Xpener Acrylic Magnetic Dry-Erase Board Refrigerator Calendar

Yes, picking up a magnetic acrylic calendar for your fridge is always a good idea. Shop this one that won’t take up too much space on your appliance, its four durable magnets inside the box as well. Do keep in mind that magnetic calendars are not suitable for stainless steel refrigerators.

RR Raxmin Acrylic Dry-Erase Acrylic Wall Calendar

For your office, the RR Raxmin Acrylic Dry-Erase Acrylic Wall Calendar is sure to be the star of the show. With its clean, neat design, the boxes provide plenty of room to jot down meetings, events and more. We simply love the look, too.

HeiberWind Acrylic Magnetic Dry-Erase Board Calendar (3-Pack)

What’s great about this acrylic wall bundle is its excellent value. For just $30, you’ll receive not only a calendar but also a dry-erase to-do list and a blank canvas. to make even more lists and notes. We’re already adding this sweet deal to our carts.

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