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Amazon Monsoon Carnival Sale 2022: 7 Home decor items that will magnify the look of your home

Whether you have just moved into a new home or if you just feel like redecorating your current home, it is very important to look for decor items that will reflect your personality and make your house feel like home. After staying at home for almost 2 years straight, we have all inculcated new hobbies. One such hobby can be uplifting your home and giving it a new and magnifying look all together. You can finally make a corner in your home, where you take all your selfies and portraits. After all, aesthetics are valued the most these days on social media. Here, we have a list of home decor items available on the Amazon monsoon carnival sale that will make your house feel like home. 

7 Home decor items available on the Amazon monsoon carnival sale that will uplift your home: 

Scroll down and take a look at the cutest and aesthetic home decor items to enhance your living space. 

1. Slip Couch Cover 

Upgrade the look of your living room by covering your couch with this slipcover. Made from highly stretchable polyester and spandex, it is eco-friendly, durable and stylish, and will give you a soft and comfortable feel. It has elastic corners and provides a perfect fitting as the cover will not ride up or come off easily like any traditional couch covers. This is a universal size sofa cover suitable for most types of sofas. 



Price: Rs.3899

Deal: Rs.1949

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2. Cane Chair 

Go a little vintage with your home decor and add a cool cane chair to your living room. This handcrafted cane chair is extremely lightweight and will look great as a contrast in any living room. Although it is extremely easy to carry around, it is sturdy and can balance heavy weights. It will perfectly complement your couch and give your living room an antique look. 



Price: Rs.5999

Deal: Rs.2357

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3. Chenille Throw 

Add a throw blanket to your living room chair or couch for all those movie nights with your family. If you are someone who needs to feel cuddly and cosy while watching a movie or simply when you are hanging out with your family, you must get this throw blanket for your couch. This throw blanket is made from high quality soft chenille and features a stylish tassel fringe detail. 



Price: Rs.3000

Deal: Rs.950

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4. Furry Pillow Cover 

A cuddly and soft partner is always welcomed especially if you are living alone. This fur pillow cover will not only add an aesthetic look to your couch but will also give you something to hold onto while you are watching a show or simply hanging out in your living room. It’s also skin-friendly so that you can enjoy the soft touch of your throw pillows without worrying about allergies.



Price: Rs.1200

Deal: Rs.549

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5. Hexagonal Shelf 

There is nothing better than a home decor item that not only looks artful but also has great utility. This hexagonal floating mounted shelf will make your living room look extremely artsy, but will also give you space to display your showpieces and artefacts. It will make your living room look tidy and organised and is extremely long-lasting since it is made from a high-quality material. 



Price: Rs.3599

Deal: Rs.1091

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6. Ladder Shelf 

Another easy way to store all your lay arounds in a neat and pretty-looking manner is by getting a ladder shelf. This ladder has five spacious shelves that you can use to display your showpieces, art works, photo frames and anything that you are proud of. Crafted from premium-quality wood, it is extremely long-lasting and easy to install. 



Price: Rs.7999

Deal: Rs.4799

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7. Mirror

Every room is incomplete without a mirror and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Install this rectangular mirror into any room you want and make getting ready every morning super easy. The black frame makes this mirror look visually appealing and will uplift the look of the room you put it in. It is water-resistant and highly durable. 



Price: Rs.1499

Deal: Rs.599

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If you want to magnify the look of your home without having to spend too much time and money, then some cute home decor items are the way to go. These super adorable and affordable home decor items available on the Amazon monsoon carnival sale will not only magnify the look of your home, but will also help make it look more organised. 

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