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Best Amazon Home Decor – What Interior Designers Buy on Amazon

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Caitlin Choi

It’s safe to say Amazon has it all, but shopping such a vast assortment of goods can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve tapped some experts to narrow down your search. House Beautiful‘s latest Next Wave class of interior designers is zeroing in on all the best Amazon home decor items everyone should have on their lists. In short, you’ll want to add the expert-approved recommendations to your cart, including picks like Smeg appliances (yes, they’re available on the site—and some are discounted, too), trendy wicker baskets, and much more. We guarantee you’ll see the site differently thanks to these incredible home finds. Go ahead, browse and buy like a true pro!

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Small Wicker Baskets (Set of 3)

To maintain a tidy home, Ariel Orkin suggests snagging some elegant wicker baskets. Ordering a set is a simple way to stay organized and not have things all over the place.


Sleep Restoration Pillow Inserts (Set of 2)

Since you likely switch them every season, budget-friendly pillow inserts are the way to go. “[Inserts] are something I always need/use and who doesn’t love Prime shipping,” DC-based creative Byron Risdon shares.


Round Rattan Wicker Tray with Coasters

Rattan enthusiast Lilse McKenna reveals a wicker tray should be a priority, especially if you love eating lunch in bed or on the couch. She refers to it as her “portable desk lunch.”


50’s Retro Style Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Francesca Grace believes function and style in the form of Smeg appliances can meet on Amazon. “Even though Smeg products are practical appliances and kitchen items, they serve as countertop decor with their retro-chic vibe and fun colors,” she shares.

The best part? Some best-sellers like the coffee machine, kettle, milk frother, and more have been marked down for a limited time.


Bamboo Design Metal Frame

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But there’s no reason it has to break the bank, so Michigan’s Candace Griffin scores many of hers from Amazon.

For other must-haves that look expensive, but aren’t, Purvi Padia recommends glassware. Goblets and cake stands are two of her most successful purchases.


Extra Long Shower Curtain

“Not Kidding: extra-extra long shower curtain liners,” maximalist Isabel Ladd says with excitement. “I LOVE to custom make shower curtains, and I hang them so close to the ceiling that they feel like actual curtains. And Amazon is the ONLY place I can find liners so long!”


Wall Sconce Lamps Lighting Fixture

Clara Jung is all about these wall sconces that come in a variety of colors to work with any aesthetic.


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