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How to Try the Coastal Cowgirl Trend in Your Home


Aug 18, 2023 #Coastal, #Cowgirl, #home, #trend

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An assortment of costal cowgirl home decor

It’s official: Coastal cowgirl is the vibe for spring and summer 2023. You’ve seen it all over TikTok and Instagram from influencers like Paige Lorenze and Kaylee Rae who are incorporating Western pieces into looks that are classically feminine and light. And I don’t know about you, but I love it. As a born and raised coastal New Englander currently living in Virginia, coastal cowgirl is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Combining the classic coastal vibe with Western-style pieces to create the perfect aesthetic? Yes, please!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already bought white cowgirl boots, a new hat, and plenty of romantic dresses for the warm weather. But the coastal cowgirl trend isn’t just for your wardrobe. I’ve started embracing this trend around my home too with new accent pieces, throw pillows, and wall art. It’s making my current apartment feel like a blend of where I grew up and where I live now in the best way. Read on to learn how you can incorporate the coastal cowgirl aesthetic in your own home.


Source: Rosa Beltran Design


How to Get the Coastal Cowgirl Look in Your Home

Although this style has been compared to coastal bohemian, it offers a fresh take with more Western inspiration. Between the earth tones, light blues, denim, and florals, I absolutely adore the colors and patterns within this trend. The aesthetic also incorporates a mix of textures and materials like linen, lace, cotton, wicker, rattan, leather, jute, and wood. You can add a little bit of this vibe into your home with accent pieces or invest in larger furniture pieces to transform your home into your coastal cowgirl dream.

If you’re skeptical about how this trend will work in your home, trust us, it will all come together seamlessly. The key is to ease into it by adding a few statement pieces to your existing decor. Start with plenty of neutrals and wood tones for your foundation, bring in a hit of denim or fringe with a throw pillow, and lean into cowboy-inspired accessories for a playful touch. If you’re looking for a fun way to tie your wardrobe into your decor, try a hat wall. Simply space out hooks in a gallery wall to turn your hat storage into a statement feature.


Our Favorite Coastal Cowgirl Decor

Ready to start shopping? Here’s what I’ve got my eye on to nail that coastal cowgirl look at home:


Source: Eye for Pretty


Wall Art


Source: Rosa Beltran Design


Decor & Accessories


Source: @emilykennedyphoto


Pillows & Bedding


Source: @emilykennedyphoto




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