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I’m a shopping editor & these weird things with near-perfect Amazon reviews are so effing cool

These products may be quirky, but they all have tons of glowing reviews online.

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I’m all for an aesthetic kitchen with matching utensils and a minimalist spoon rest, but sometimes you just need a fun platypus-shaped spatula to add a little joy to your life. There’s no need to track down quirky products like this spatula, because I’m a shopping editor and these weird things with near-perfect Amazon reviews are so effing cool.

Don’t worry — it’s not all animal-shaped kitchen utensils on this list. (Although there is a manatee-shaped tea infuser that’s worth grabbing.) Instead, I searched for the quirkiest products that will fit into your unique home decor, skincare routine, cleaning closet, and more. I even found a foldable organizer to help out your car and a handy splash-proof electric lighter for every trendy candle you own.

Trust me — there’s something on this list for wherever you could use a cool product that’s a bit unique.


This smiley sponge set that won’t get grimy

These adorable sponges are quick-drying and completely mold-, stain-, and odor-resistant, so they won’t get all smelly and grimy after dishes. Plus, utensils and cutlery fits in the little smiley face cutouts for quick cleaning, and you can put your fingers through the eyes for extra grip. Plus, these scrubbers are compact enough to fit next to any kitchen sink or in the tiniest cleaning closets.


A cozy beanie that has a handy flashlight in the front

Yes — this beanie has a removable, rechargeable LED flashlight with three brightness settings built right in, so there’s no need to hold a flashlight on a late-night run. The rest of this beanie is just like your usual cold-weather go-to with a cozy knit design that’s machine-washable.

  • Available styles: 26
  • Available sizes: One Size


A motion-sensor toilet light for a hidden bathroom nightlight

This motion-sensor LED light clips right onto the side of your toilet for a unique bathroom nightlight. It illuminates the inside of the bowl and has dimmer settings and motion activation. There are also 16 color options (that you can rotate) for a bit of fun lighting in the bathroom.


This comfortable shaving apron for easy clean-up

This beard apron fits just like you’re at the hairdresser, but you can actually use your arms. The bottom sticks to your bathroom mirror with sturdy suction cups to make a bowl-like shape that catches stray hairs, and they’ll slide right off the surface into the trashcan. So, this durable apron makes shaving way less messy than it usually is.


This little fork to put onto your go-to jar of olives

Scooping out pickles for a charcuterie board is way easier with this little condiment fork. It has three stainless steel prongs that are long enough to reach that last olive at the bottom of the jar. And there’s no need to go digging through a drawer for it — it has secure bands so you can store this handy fork on the side of the jar.


These car vent clips for handy sauce storage

Hold onto your go-to sauces when you’re eating in the car with this compact dip clip. Stick it right onto the air vent in your car, and your honey mustard will be at the perfect dipping height. It fits a bunch of sauce sizes, and there’s also a washable cup if you want to squeeze in a ketchup packet.


This scent-absorbing bar that looks nice in your kitchen

Simply reach for this scent-absorbing bar to take care of food smells on your hands after you chop up pungent vegetables. (I’m looking at you, garlic). It’s shaped like a bar of soap and made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel so it won’t stick out in your kitchen, and that same sleek material uses its molecules to transfer unsavory scents from your hands to the metal.


A bendable reading light that won’t get in the way

This necklace reading light works way better than anything that clips onto your book because it won’t get in the way of your page turning or weigh down your magazine. The USB-rechargeble device is super bendable, which also makes it ideal for doing work in the garage. It also comes with three LED color settings and three brightness levels, depending on how you prefer your light.


This tortilla blanket that won’t leave fuzz on your sofa

Not only does this blanket look like a tortilla, but it also has over 55,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, so you know it’s super cozy. It’s made of a super soft, warm, and lightweight flannel that’s completely lint-free and machine-washable to avoid tortilla-colored fuzz on your couch. That quirky tortilla design is also printed on both sides, so it’s always on display when you toss it on the sofa.


A mug with a quirky & functional basketball hoop

Not only does this 16-ounce ceramic coffee mug have a playful basketball design, but it also has a tiny basketball hoop right on top of it. This adorable hoop is the perfect size to toss mini marshmallows into while you sip hot chocolate from this microwave- and dishwasher-friendly mug.


These soft unicorn makeup brushes with an iridescent case

The shimmery twisted handle and colorful bristles of these makeup brushes give off all of the unicorn vibes you could want when you do your makeup. But these aren’t just about looks, the brushes themselves are super soft and won’t shed. If you don’t want to leave them out, these brushes come with a matching iridescent case, which is great for travel.


These compressed facial sponges that are ready for travel

These facial sponges are actually compressed, so they’ll take up way less space than cotton rounds in your travel toiletry bag. They’re made of 100% natural cellulose, so they’re just as handy as your usual beauty sponge, and they expand when soaked with water, so they’ll be ready for your go-to cleanser in a jiffy. Plus, they’re exfoliating, which is a benefit you don’t get from typical rounds.


This portable & absorbent towel that’s super soft

This durable towel is super versatile because it dries quickly and comes with a mesh carrying case. It’s absorbent and strong enough to take to the gym for post-workout showers, the beach to dry your hair after a dip in the ocean, and a hike to wipe off sweat. No matter where you use this machine-washable microfiber towel, it’s so compact and lightweight, you’ll barely notice it in your bag.


These exfoliating foot masks that give you baby soft feet in 2 weeks

These foot peel masks are like a hardcore pedicure that you do at home. They use a mix of fruit acids and extracts to make hardened skin and calluses peel away in about two weeks. All you have to do is wear these booties once for about an hour and go about your day-to-day life. This set of two pairs is a cult favorite on Amazon and has over 48,000 five-star reviews.


A silicone funnel that looks like a quirky mushroom

This silicone mushroom-shaped funnel has a cute design, but it’s also deeply practical. Simply flip the mushroom top inside out to create a versatile funnel for filling up olive oil dispensers, food storage jars, and more. When you’re done, it flips back over into a mushroom shape, and it’s safe to go in the dishwasher.


This extra-long double oven mitt that’s made of 100% cotton

This oven mitt has a unique 35-inch long design, so it wraps around whatever pan you’re pulling out of the oven. With a pretty design that will work in any kitchen, this protective mitt is made out of 100% cotton, so you can easily toss it in the washing machine.


A light-up dog collar with a comfortable design

This light-up dog collar has built-in, evenly spaced LEDs, so you can see the lights even if the collar gets flipped around. There are also two blinking settings to make your pup extra-visible, and the lights can be seen up to 350 feet away. It has an adjustable nylon design, just like the usual collar your pup is used to.


This snail-shaped soap dispenser that’s easy to clean

Yes — this soap dispenser looks like a quirky snail hanging out on your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Simply press down on the shell, and it dispenses your soap just like the boring ol’ dispensers we’re all used to. Plus, the shell and everything comes apart, so it’s easy to clean.


A pack of dry bags that you can totally submerge in water

Go ahead and pack your phone in one of these waterproof dry bags — the durable ripstop polyester will make sure it stays safe no matter what you get into. With an airtight weave and waterproof coating, these outdoor-ready bags keep your things secure with the D-ring clip. Despite their powerful abilities and larger capacity, these bags weigh less than 10 ounces.


This makeup-removing towel that only needs water to work

Not only does this machine-washable makeup eraser towel take off all of your makeup with just a bit of water — even waterproof mascara — but it has a second side that helps with exfoliation. This compact towel is also so durable, you can use it to wipe off mascara and foundation for about three to five years.


A bendable, splash-proof electric lighter that’s always ready for candles

Stick this electric lighter in your drawer instead of a classic lighter, because it will last way longer. Simply keep it charged with a USB charger, and this flexible lighter is ready for all of your go-to candles. It’s also windproof and splash-proof for lighting fires in your outdoor space.


A cute toast-shaped nightlight with a sturdy design

The adorable toast shape of this LED night light not only looks aesthetic on your nightstand, but it also hides all of the buttons. The power and brightness settings are tucked underneath (though you can tap it to turn it on), and there are even little silicone legs to keep it stable. Plus, this USB-rechargeable night light can light up on one or both sides.


An absorbent hair towel set that can help reduce frizz

This four-pack of hair towels is the perfect addition to your haircare drawer because they have such a gentle design. The machine-washable microfiber fabric will absorb all of the extra water before you reach for your go-to products, and it’ll do so gently to reduce frizz and breakage. There’s also a loop on the bag to secure this plush towel while you wait.


This versatile salad chopper that’s easy to store

Keep this unique salad chopper around for quick salad and vegetable prep because it has an easy-to-use semi-circle design. Simply rock the stainless steel blade over lettuce for a restaurant-worthy chopped lunch, chocolate bars for baking, and more before sticking it in the dishwasher. With protective covers, it’s also easy and safe to store anywhere in the kitchen.


This exfoliating beard soap with a versatile formula

This orange and walnut-scented soap has an exfoliating and hair growth-stimulating formula with walnut granules, so it’s perfect as a beard-washing shampoo and conditioner. It’s also versatile enough to use as body soap with plenty of coconut oil and shea butter. Plus, the square design means this natural soap fits in any toiletry bag.


A duo of freezable ice cream bowls that aren’t too cold to hold

These freezable bowls keep your ice cream chilled, and you won’t have to rush to eat it. They have a silicone base, so it won’t slide around on your table, and they won’t be too cold to hold. The bowls cans also go in the fridge if you want them a little less chilled for dips, like salsa, or cereal.


A rechargeable hand warmer with 3 heat settings

This hand warmer is way better than keeping a drawer full of single-use hand warmers because it has a USB rechargeable design. It has an anti-scald finish and three different heat settings, so it’s not too warm. You can even use it to charge your phone when it’s not chilly outside.


These washable beeswax food wraps to cover up leftovers

Wrap up leftover cheese or cover a bowl of leftover stew with these versatile food wraps. They’re made with beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil, and tree resin, and they easily stick to produce, dishes, bowls, and more — just warm them with your hands. You get three different sizes, and each one is easy to wash after you eat your leftovers.


A fidget toy with a trendy tie-dye design

This durable metal fidget toy has a pretty tie-dye finish that will look super trendy in your bag or displayed on a bedside table. It flips into a bunch of different shapes and then folds right back up into a compact cube to fit in your bag.


This handy waterproof magnet that works on any dishwasher

This handy and completely waterproof magnet goes right on the front of the dishwasher. It has a reversible design that tells you whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty, so you can flip it over to the clean label every time you empty the dishwasher. With an adhesive metal plate, this kit has you covered even if magnets won’t stick to your dishwasher.


A kukui nut oil lip treatment with a hydrating finish

This pumpkin spice lip treatment easily fits in your makeup bag just like a classic lip gloss, but it’s packed with seriously hydrating Hawaiian kukui nut oil. The smooth formula also has shea butter (a must) for extra moisturizing properties and agave and grape seed oil for an added dose of antioxidants.


A manatee tea infuser that’s gentle on your mug

This manatee-shaped tea infuser is obviously better than a classic and boring infuser. It has a dishwasher- and microwave-safe silicone design that’s gentle on your favorite mug, and the holes are small enough that your hot water will be infused with flavor, but no tea leaves will make it through. Plus, the unique design hangs out on the side of your coffee mug, so there are zero annoying strings or clips.


A reusable pet fur remover with 98,000 five-star reviews

Keep this lint roller near your pup’s favorite sofa, chair, or blanket, because it’s designed to take care of all of the pet fur. It has an easy rolling design, just like a classic lint roller, but it’s completely reusable. There’s a built-in, easy-to-clean compartment that’s large enough to hold a bunch of pet fur, and the empty it, just wipe clean.


A platypus-shaped spatula to keep around the kitchen

Not only does this spatula help you scoop every last drop of ingredients from jars, but it’s also shaped like a quirky platypus. This silicone scoop is super flexible allowing it to reach every nook and cranny, and it adds a fun touch to a kitchen drawer or a utensil holder. Plus, this platypus scooper can even go in the dishwasher.


This fragrance-free snail mucin serum that brightens your skin

This hydrating serum might stand out in your skincare drawer with its 97.5% snail mucin ingredient, but also with how brightening the unique formula is. Reach for this aloe vera and jojoba-infused formula at night, and you’ll see this lightweight formula work its glowy magic within days.


These versatile bins that will tidy up your groceries

The transparent design of these food storage bins makes them versatile enough to organize every ingredient in your fridge — even those stray tomatoes. You also won’t have to worry about tomatoes or produce getting smushed, because these BPA-free and shatter-proof bins are sturdy and easy to clean out in case of spills.


A foldable organizer that won’t clutter your car

There’s no need to take this trunk organizer out of your car when it’s empty, because the collapsible design folds up neatly in the backseat. When you are using this water-resistant organizer, it has adjustable dividers and clips to keep it in place. When you need to carry in your tools or food, there are sturdy handles on each side to carry this organizer into your home.


These reusable mop pads that are easy to store

These reusable mop pads take up way less space in your cleaning closet than a bulky box of single-use mop pads. Not only are they super compact and compatible with your attachable mop, but this set is also made of machine-washable microfiber with a scrubby texture that works all over the house and on all kinds of floors.


A skincare headband that’s so comfy (and looks like cute cat ears)

This skincare headband has fuzzy cat ears right on top to make your double-cleansing routine a bit more fun. With its microfiber fabric and stretchy elastic design, this plush headband is also comfy enough to wear for your entire routine. Plus, it’s washable if you get a bit of serum on this reusable headband.


This drawer organizer with tidy slots for kitchen knives

This 16-knife organizer fits right into a kitchen drawer, so you always have a tidy and safe spot to store your go-to knives for meal prep. The sleek, neutral bamboo design keeps the blades of kitchen knives neatly tucked away, and there’s even a holder for your sharpener.


A battery organizer with spots for every unique battery type

This battery storage case fits all of those uniquely-shaped batteries that came in a pack and are a pain to store. Underneath the clear cover, there are slots for 180 batteries, including those annoying little flat batteries and hard-to-lose AAA batteries. It’s also topped off with a battery tester and a shockproof design, so your batteries will be charged and protected.


A unique throw blanket that’s cooling & cozy

This machine-washable throw blanket is perfect if your usual fleece option is way too cozy because it has a cooling design. One side has 100% cotton fabric, so it looks and feels like a classic lightweight throw blanket. Meanwhile, the other side of this unique blanket has moisture-wicking, cooling fibers to keep you feeling comfy.


These velvety hangers that actually hold onto your clothes

The only thing that’s weird about this set of sleek closet hangers is how well the velvety coating keeps your clothes in place. Each one is way slimmer than the usual hangers we’re all used to, but they still hold up to 10 pounds and come with a swiveling hook.


A cleanable makeup spatula for all of your products

This spatula is like a mini version of a silicone spatula, but it’s designed for all of those tiny makeup and skincare containers. The silicone tip won’t absorb your favorite products when you scoop them out, and it has a unique shape that can really reach every corner. Plus, it’s easy to clean between scooping lip gloss and serums.


This unique strainer that clips right onto pots & pans

This flexible silicone strainer clips right onto your pots, pans, and bowls, which allows you to wash fruit or strain veggies and pasta with just one hand (as opposed to wishing you had three hands). In addition to being useful for cooking by yourself, the unique semi-circle design saves tons of space in the kitchen cabinet.


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