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Shop 2024’s trending home decor: Chrome details, scalloped edges and more

With 2024 right around the corner, it’s time to look ahead at home decor trend forecasts so you can bring fresh new details into your home.

That’s why “Good Morning America” lifestyle contributor Lori Bergamotto took an in-depth look at the best ways to test out some of these trends for yourself before you decide to dive in with larger investment pieces.

Using resources like Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Domino Magazine and Architectural Digest, Bergamotto uncovered fantastic ideas for small interior facelifts that utilize trends like scalloped edges, kitschy kitchens and chrome details to liven up your house.

Keep scrolling to find everything you need to give your home a new look!

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Scalloped detail

Apartment therapy reports wavy, scalloped edges are a great way to participate in the “pattern-meets-silhouette” trend for the coming year. While many household items tend to have straight edges — think towels, tables, etc. — these details soften the edges in a room and, with items like this natural jute rug or dainty sheet set, offer an easy way to try out the trend before potentially committing to a larger piece down the line.

Shubhlaxmifashion Scallop Pattern Natural Jute Bohemian Area Rug Hand Woven Reversible 2′ x 3′

LoveShackFancy Embroidered Scallop Sheet Set


According to Pinterest, kitchens are gaining steam as the star room of the home, with eclectic kitchen decor taking collective precedence and leaping 50% in online searches over the past few months.

Domino Magazine predicts the No. 1 way to express this trend will be through the kitsch: the campy, eccentric design concept that has taken a backseat to more minimalistic homes over the past several years. Searches for the term are up 75%, meaning 2024 will see the return of colorful, funky touches throughout the home.

A low-stakes way to incorporate kitsch is with kitchenware! These Anthropologie plates are adorable, affordable and would provide the perfect backdrop for any retro dishes you have bookmarked and are ready to try — Bergamotto recommends Baked Alaska.

Adley Glass Dessert Plates, Set of 4

Nathalie Lete Heritage Dinner Plate


The trendsetting, trade-only High Point Market was reportedly rife with corduroy accents for this year, a move that was echoed by Architectural Digest’s claim that the fabric is going to be a mainstay for 2024. While couches were the piece du jour at High Point, replacing your furniture yearly is not exactly a convenient way to experiment with the trend!

Try these beautiful throw pillows instead. They come in 33 colors and cost under $15 each.

Home Brilliant Cream Pillow Covers, 18inch x 18inch


Another prediction from Architectural Digest is chrome, a simple way to add “smooth surfaces that shimmer so the vibe isn’t sterile” to your abode. While it works beautifully in large-scale pieces, try it in smaller doses with this fun mushroom lamp or accent table to add some edge to any room.

EdensDECOR Silver Mushroom Decor Table Lamp

Deco 79 Aluminum Tray Inspired Top Accent Table with 3 Tripod Legs, 16″ x 16″ x 25″ Silver


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