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  • Gen Z’s ‘dopamine decor’ trend reinventing home design to ‘exude happiness’

Gen Z’s ‘dopamine decor’ trend reinventing home design to ‘exude happiness’

World got you down? A hit of “dopamine decor” might lift the spirits. The biggest trend in home decorating this fall is an emphasis on happiness, self-expression, color and creativity. Does orange make…

5 Gen Z and millennial influencers to stick to for all things households and interiors in 2023

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2023 Home Decor Trends & Aesthetics For Gen Z, According To Experts

Whenever a new year rolls around, it’s the perfect time to embrace change. Whether you hope to adopt positive habits, discover hobbies, reach wellness goals, or change up your look,…

‘Buy now, pay later’ puts Gen Z in debt, a furniture giant settles with the EPA and more

While fashion trends often travel downstream to the home realm, one influencer is going viral for taking things in the opposite direction—creating maximalist outfits from a variety of household objects…