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The 15 Best Amazon Holiday Decor Finds of 2022


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Amazon boxes are almost a staple on the porch during the holiday season, but they are extra special when they contain actual holiday decor. There are so many festive options from this massive online retailer hidden in secret corners within the site. Best of all, Amazon is known for its super-fast shipping, so you still have plenty of time to deck your halls. From indoor decorations like artificial trees and stockings to outdoor inflatables, there is something for every home, list, and style among our top Amazon holiday decor picks.

We searched every corner of Amazon for the best holiday decor available, and these are our 15 favorite finds.

Best Inflatable:
Joiedomi 6 FT Christmas Inflatable Gingerbread Men Outdoor Decorations

Joiedomi 6 FT Christmas Inflatable Gingerbread Men Outdoor Decorations


If you want to add some fun inflatables to your holiday decor, these adorable gingerbread men create a larger-than-life display in your yard. One is smiling as he relaxes in a mug of hot cocoa while the other hangs onto the edge. The inflatable is all one piece so you can set it up easily by zipping the bottom and plugging it in. If the gingerbread men aren’t your style or you want to add even more inflatables to the scene, other fun options from Joiedomi include a polar bear, Santa and his sleigh, and a dachshund wearing a festive Christmas hat and scarf. 

Inflatables aren’t the best option if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, ice, wind, or other extreme winter weather. The decoration comes with stakes to keep it in place and strings to tie it down, but they aren’t made for harsh winds and weather, so only use them if you expect mild days and nights.

Price at time of publish: $49.99

Type: Inflatable | Material: Plastic | Location: Outdoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best Stocking:
HEYHOUSE Christmas Stockings, Set of 4

HEYHOUSE Christmas Stockings, Set of 4


This set of four stockings is perfect for a family, group of friends, or one person who just loves getting small gifts. They come in two Christmas-themed colors — cream and burgundy — and have a cozy cable-knit pattern. These stockings are simple and classic, although you can easily jazz them up by hanging a themed or personalized ornament on the top.

The toe and heel feature a specialized knit that ensures that they keep their shape, so you don’t need to worry about your stockings sagging even if they are filled with treasures and treats on Christmas day.

Price at time of publish: $22.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Acrylic | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 4

Best Wreath:
RoseCraft Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Sign Wreath

RoseCraft Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Sign Wreath


This wreath is the perfect way to welcome people to your holiday-ready home. It says precisely that right on the front and features a removable decoration in place of the “O” in “home” that you can customize to celebrate different holidays and seasons. Some included customizations are event-specific, such as those for Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, while others are generally applicable to the seasons, such as a snowman for winter, falling leaves for autumn, and a flower for spring.

However, this wreath may not work for all front doors, especially if you have an apartment or condo number that needs to remain visible.

Price at time of publish: $19.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Wood | Location: Indoor/Outdoor | Number of pieces: 15

Best Minimalist Decor:
LOVEINUSA Bottle Brush Trees with Topper Ornaments

LOVEINUSA Bottle Brush Trees with Topper Ornaments


This set of nine bottlebrush trees is perfect for setting up your own holiday display without spending a ton of money. You can add these adorable trees to your mantle, put them on your desk at work, or adorn any other small table or space. You can even use them as gifts to family and friends or include them in a holiday diorama. With three sizes ranging from 4 to 6.9 inches tall, they are small enough to fit just about anywhere but plentiful enough to make a fun statement when gathered in a mini forest.

The trees have teeny tiny ornaments and gold tree toppers already attached, but if you want something to customize, you can opt for this 34-piece set of unadorned trees. But for miniature trees that you can set up right out of the box, these bottle brush trees with ornaments are our top choice.

Price at time of publish: $19.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Plastic | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 9

Best Throw Pillows:
Elfie Square Christmas Snowflake Throw Pillow Covers

Elfie Square Christmas Snowflake Throw Pillow Covers


If you’re looking to give your pillows some holiday style, consider these throw pillow covers for an easy holiday upgrade. They come in four color options that support different styles and holidays. The red and white snowflakes work with Christmas decor, while the blue and white option fits in with Hanukkah and winter themes. You can even mix and match for something truly unique. Keep in mind that these are just pillow covers, so you’ll need to purchase inserts separately.

Price at time of publish: $16.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Cotton | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 2

Best Mantle Decor:
Comenzar Flickering Candles

Comenzar Flickering Candles


If you want the beauty of flickering candlelight without worrying about a fire hazard, these battery-operated faux candles are just what you need. Nestle them into your greenery or other holiday displays for a rustic look with peace of mind. Each candle runs on three AAA batteries and can be controlled via a remote control. You can also use the remote to set a timer or dim the lights.

These aren’t holiday-specific, so you can keep them up throughout the year. The exterior is made to look like birch tree bark and pairs well with any sort of rustic or country decor. You can put them up during the holidays and leave them up all through the winter.

Price at time of publish: $24.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Wax | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 3 plus remote

Best Tree:
National Tree Company Kingswood Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Artificial Kingswood Fir Slim Christmas Tree


Nothing says “home for the holidays” like a beautifully decorated tree. This artificial option from the National Tree Company is affordable and was our number one budget pick during our testing this year. It stands 7.5 feet tall and can work in most spaces, although it might not have the right effect in a room with extra tall or extra short ceilings.

If you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas, you might want to skip the tree. But since it doesn’t have any decorations, you can add your own flair to express your traditions. Traditionally, Christmas trees are put up in late November or early December and act as a gathering place for presents and holiday joy. But no one is saying you can’t use your tree during other winter holidays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and any other time of the year. Just take it from celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown, Joanna Gaines, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who put up their tree as soon as they can.

Price at time of publish: $65.93

Type: Christmas tree | Material: Plastic | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best Tree Skirt:
Aiseno Christmas Tree Plush Skirt

Aiseno Christmas Tree Plush Skirt


Enjoy a soft, plush place to nestle your presents under the tree. This tree skirt comes in three sizes and four colors, so you can match it to your decor and ornaments. It is secured by velcro when you wrap it around the tree to stay in place, and it’s double-layered so only the top layer has the plush faux fur. The bottom layer is smooth so that it lays in place.

The plush fibers can get stuck in the vacuum cleaner and may shed when you first get the tree skirt. Just give it a bit of time, and it will settle in. Note that you can’t wash it in the washing machine so even though it is super soft and pets may love to snuggle on top of it, you won’t be able to wash it if an accident occurs.

Price at time of publish: $24.74

Type: Small decor | Material: Faux fur | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best Scent:
Homesick The Nutcracker Candle

Homesick The Nutcracker Candle


With notes of sugar, orange, cloves, and fireside, this candle will have sugar plum fairies dancing throughout your home. It brings all of the nostalgia that Homesick candles are known for and puts a holiday spin on the soy wax blend. Other scents for the holidays include Tree Lighting, White Elephant, Winter Mantle, and Latkes and Lights. 

The burn time of the candle is 60 to 80 hours. Depending on how often you burn candles, you can breeze through that in just a week, or it can last you all season. If you tend to keep a candle burning through most of the day, opt for a diffuser or a more affordable candle instead.

Price at time of publish: $38.40

Type: Small decor | Material: Soy wax | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best Placemats:
RIMOBUL Woven Vinyl Non-Slip Placemats, Set of 6

RIMOBUL Woven Vinyl Non-Slip Placemats, Set of 6


Let it snow! Even if you don’t get a white Christmas, these snowflake placemats still set the winter holiday mood at your table. They are made of non-slip vinyl and will stay in place before and after you cover them with plates full of delicious food. They come unfolded and can be stored flat to ensure that the placemats don’t wrinkle. The sturdy vinyl is also waterproof and wipeable. 

Because they come in a set of six, they are perfect for larger families. The placemats are also affordable enough to purchase two (or more) sets if you plan to host extended family this year. However, if you are traveling to someone’s house for the holidays and don’t need placemats yourself, this holiday decor might not get much use in your home.

Price at time of publish: $19.62

Type: Small decor | Material: Vinyl | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 6

Best Welcome Mat:
Calloway Mills Christmas Fun Doormat

Calloway Farms Christmas Fun Doormat


This festive doormat is very durable and made of coir fiber using parts of coconut husks. This means that it can hold up in the rain and snow while also being rough enough to scrape your shoes clean before coming into the house. The underside is vinyl which keeps it from sliding around, even when the ground is wet. It comes in two sizes, so even if you have a large front porch, you can find a mat that’s right for you.

The holiday design features a red pickup truck with a traditional evergreen in the back. The words “Merry Christmas” make sure that everyone coming into your home is prepared for some festive cheer. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can look through other options from Calloway Mills, although many of the holiday-specific designs do focus on Christmas.

Price at time of publish: $26.63

Type: Small decor | Material: Coir and vinyl | Location: Outdoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best Indoor Decor:
Ccinee Christmas Window Clings

Ccinee Christmas Window Clings


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate for the holidays, these window clings are pretty fun. This set comes with over 167 pieces, including Santa, snowflakes, reindeer, and other holiday motifs. These make great activities for younger children as well as easy decor for office windows, classrooms, and other spaces that just need an extra dose of holiday cheer.

These are basically one-time-use window clings, and they work best on freshly cleaned and dried windows. Depending on your to-do list this holiday season, that might make them more of a chore than a fun activity.

Price at time of publish: $10.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Plastic | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 167

Best Yard Decor:
Alpine Corporation Rattan Grazing Reindeer 24-Inches

Alpine Corporation Rattan Grazing Reindeer


This reindeer yard decoration looks great in the daytime and the nighttime, thanks to the rustic-looking rattan construction and the 50 halogen bulbs that light up at night. It comes with ground stakes, two replacement bulbs, and one replacement fuse so that it won’t tip over or lose lights. Even if it sustains some damage or wear, you can replace the broken bulbs and keep enjoying the decoration for years. 

Growing a herd of reindeer big enough to pull Santa’s sleigh takes a decent budget, but you can add a few each year without breaking the bank. The small version stands 24 inches tall, and the larger version is 29 inches tall. Both are positioned as if they are grazing in your yard.

Price at time of publish: $22.22

Type: Large decor | Material: Rattan | Location: Outdoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best Porch Decoration:
Glitzhome Christmas Wooden Welcome Sign

Glitzhome Christmas Wooden Welcome Sign


The wooden porch sign trend gets a festive touch with this “Believe” Santa Clause. It comes in other holiday designs as well, such as a penguin, nutcracker, and snowman, but the Santa version invites people to believe in the magic of Christmas.

It measures 42 inches tall, so make sure that you have enough space on your porch for the sign. You can lean it up against your siding, although it doesn’t come with any anchor points or other ways to secure it. If you are expecting storms or more than a light breeze, it’s best to bring the sign indoors.

Price at time of publish: $28.99

Type: Large decor | Material: MDF | Location: Outdoor | Number of pieces: 1

Best for the Table:
Artoid Mode Buffalo Plaid Christmas Trees Table Runner

Artoid Mode Buffalo Plaid Christmas Trees Table Runner


Make your table festive and jolly for your family holiday meal with a table runner celebrating the season. This table runner has buffalo check trees, a “Merry Christmas” greeting, and a matching buffalo check border that runs the length of the runner.

It measures 13 inches across and 72 inches long. The runner is ideal for rectangular tables, especially those that are long enough for a large family. You can use it on a round table, but it may not lay correctly. You can customize the color, however, and choose between white, green, blue, and red borders.

Price at time of publish: $13.99

Type: Small decor | Material: Polyester | Location: Indoor | Number of pieces: 1

How to Pick the Right Amazon Holiday Decor


The options on Amazon seem endless, so we recommend starting in this holiday decor corner on Amazon. From there, you can decide which decorations you’d like to view based on the location in your home that needs some holiday sprucing. You can search for indoor decorations like a holiday banner to hang in your entryway or some pre-lit garland to place on your mantle. If you’re looking for outdoor decor, you may find yourself looking at icicle lights or inflatable Santas. It’s good to stay focused on the location you’d like to decorate (living room, stairs, front porch) when adding holiday decor to your cart.


Small decorations are ideal for making holiday tableaus and tablescapes. They’re also super versatile since you can use smaller pieces to decorate your tree or mantle. Large holiday decor makes a more significant statement and can spruce up your porch or yard. A Christmas tree, like the National Tree Company Artificial Slim Tree, is one large decoration that works in just about any holiday home that celebrates Christmas.


Holiday decor comes at a range of prices, especially on a retailer like Amazon, where there are so many options. If you want something that will just last for a single season, opting for a less expensive option may be just fine. But if you want to reuse the decor year after year to create a holiday tradition, look for durable options made from solid materials, even if cost a bit more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are good outdoor holiday decorations?

    The best outdoor holiday decorations can be secured or tied down to keep them from falling over or blowing away. Inflatables like this 6-foot gingerbread man are a fun and whimsical addition, while rustic options, such as deer, offer a more traditional look. Christmas lights are always a great touch, no matter your style.

  • What are some unique Christmas decorations?

    Decor that you can personalize or set up in a unique way is a great way to put your own spin on the season. Holiday decor often uses traditional colors of red and green for Christmas, but adding in some unexpected colors can really make your look stand out.

  • What is the best Christmas tree on Amazon?

Take Our Word For It

When looking for the best Amazon holiday decor, Katie Melynn searched for a variety of styles and sizes, focusing on materials that would look great for years. She made sure to include some of the traditional elements of the season, such as Santa and snowflakes, but also looked for things that could be used in new and unexpected ways throughout the year. When making this list, she even found herself adding tried-and-true staples to her cart to light up her own holiday decor.


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