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The best Amazon spring home decor ideas


May 31, 2023 #Amazon, #decor, #home, #Ideas, #spring

Spruce up your home for spring! The best Amazon chic decor ideas – including floral wreaths, invigorating reed diffusers, cottage jugs, house plants and more (starting at £10)

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Shoppers have been making the most of Amazon’s low prices to stock up on bargain spring homeware products. 

Now that it’s spring, we’re all feeling a little jolly, which generally manifests in retrieving our brightest matching outfits and banging out The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes the Sun’ as loud as the walls can take. 

Seriously though, with long, warm days ahead, it’s a time of hope, happiness, spring cleaning and all things new. 

So, naturally, people have been stocking up on new homeware to make their home look that bit more spring-esque – think artificial flowers, cheerful home fragrances and so much more.

The best Amazon spring home decor ideas 

Who said wreaths were just for Christmas? This one will help make your home stand out (a touch of curb appeal!) and add colour. 

It’s full of spring flowers and will make your home more inviting for you and your guests. 


As well as making sure that your home’s occupants and guests don’t bring mud and whatnot into your home via their shoes, this mat also adds some nice colour.

It’s durable and has a very artistic-looking lavender design – perfectly inviting.


A bunch of flowers always makes a room more spring-esque. And as these are fake, you can have them all year round (not just for spring). 

Yellow seems to be the colour of spring, but they also have a great range of other shades to suit your home.  


Now that it’s spring, we all want to breathe a sigh of relief – no more chilly mornings and extortionate heating bills.

When we take that breath though, we’d like it to be clean air. And an air purifying plant like this one should help make our air cleaner.

Aloe vera plants are ‘some of the best for removing toxins from the air around us and transforming them into clean oxygen’.

This one looks pretty stylish too. 


We’re looking forward to our summer holidays at this point. So, some olive trees would be welcome in adding a touch of the Mediterranean to our home. 

These are perfect for the garden, patio or conservatory. 

Olive trees are also pretty low maintenance, as they’re easy to grow and are slow at growing. Just a quick clip and light prune is all it needs! 


A well-designed cushion can be the je ne sais quoi to a room. 

This one comes in a simple, classic design and is made of high-quality corduroy. 

It comes in a range of colours too. So, you’re sure to find one that suits the colour code of your room. 


This jug screams cute country cottage, kind of like the one Hansel and Gretel went in, but not made of sweets. 

It would be perfect when filled with some real or fake spring flowers. And should add a shabby-chic French country flair to your home, balcony or garden.  


Having a nicely scented home can put a real spring in our step (pardon the pun). 

This one has zesty lemon fragrance. And as it last three months, it should see you well into summer too. 



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