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These Amazing Small Business Home Decor Finds Are All Shoppable On Amazon

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Supporting small businesses is something that many of us value, but the ease and convenience of shopping on Amazon can easily win during our time-crunched days.

However, Amazon Small Business brings the best of both worlds. It’s now possible to buy well-made, handcrafted products from small business owners on the same platform you know and love for quick shipping and easy returns. 

While you can shop just about any product you need via Amazon’s Small Business section, their wide range of home decor, from high-quality furniture to decals and everything in between, really caught our eye.

Here are our top home decor picks to brighten your living space (and a small business owner’s day).

Air plants are a great option for those with less-than-green thumbs. These gorgeous “jellyfish” hangers safely house your durable air plants in Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. 2 Dirty Birds Boutique ships their gorgeous sea urchin planters ready to hang with live air plants and a care guide included. Add a pop of color to windowsills, office spaces, and more.

Tired of trying to get everyone in your house to replace the toilet paper? Make a game out of it. This handmade TP organizer is made in Littleton, Colorado out of lightweight, sturdy blue pine. While it can’t get the men in your house to put the lid down, it can at least remind them to replace the TP every once in a while.

Sometimes, all it takes is the right lighting to completely revamp a room. This handmade rustic barn vanity light adds a touch of farmhouse flair to bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and more. With 20 available stain colors and different light cage options, you can customize this light fixture to seamlessly blend in with your current aesthetic.

Every year, you wait for your schedule to get a little less crazy. And every year, it ends up getting even more packed. Keeping your household’s lives straight is a challenge, but a customizable dry-erase calendar can help. Use this calendar year-round to remember appointments, delegate chores, and most importantly, pick out free days for relaxing. (What a concept, I know!)

Vinyl has come back in a major way. So, why not get a piece of high-quality furniture that celebrates your return to records? This midcentury record player cabinet features ample space for your turntable and your killer vinyl collection. This unique, vintage-inspired piece looks so authentic that people will assume you must’ve scoured flea markets for hours to find it.

Growing and using fresh herbs can make all the difference in your favorite dishes, and these vintage herb markers help you keep them all straight. Whimsical, unique, and functional, these will elevate your indoor planters to a whole new level (and prevent a mint-basil mishap in your pasta).

Never underestimate the ability of a ceramic set to tie a room together. Whether on a bookshelf, mantle, table, or otherwise, these variable glaze ceramic vases add a pop of color and fine art to any living space. You can even spread them throughout the house for a cohesive design flow. Moreover, these stunning pieces are multi-functional—store flowers, pens, incense, and more.

There seem to be a million quippy doormat options on the market, ranging from sarcastic to sweet and sentimental. However, this option lands right in the middle: blunt, to the point, but most importantly, welcoming. Let your guests know they’re welcome no matter what with this high-quality coir mat, available in small, medium, and large sizes.

If you’re like me, you struggle to keep anything green alive for much longer than a week. In that case, you’re better off with succulents, some of the toughest indoor plants. This stunning concrete planter from Bella Vista Canyon is an eclectic take on a classic decor item. Each planter is hand-cast for a unique, one-of-a-kind feel.

Online shopping can only go so far without the help of a mail carrier delivering your goods straight to you. Leaving water and snacks is one way to show appreciation. But on days when you’re unable to do so, this magnetic, waterproof mailbox decal can do the trick. They’ll be delivering the decal in the first place; it’s only polite to say thanks.

Artwork can make or break a living space, but finding multiple pieces that look good together can be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, this 12-piece Matisse Poster Set takes the guesswork out of your redecorating. Each pastel-themed print works together so that you can arrange them side-by-side, gallery style, or spread them throughout the house for a uniform theme.

Not only does this wood and moss clock offer an eye-catching way to tell the time, but it also purifies and deodorizes the air, controls humidity, and is antistatic and dust repellent. This heavy-hitting rap sheet is all thanks to squares of Scandinavian moss, available in multiple colors. It’s a little modern, a little cottagecore, and incredibly unique—a win-win-win.

Add a fun pop of color and light to your bar cart or kitchen counter with a personalized neon desktop sign. Whether you’re a cocktail or kombucha enthusiast or both, this sign will add some pizzazz to your favorite watering hole. This adorable sign is also available in seven LED colors to match any aesthetic or style perfectly.

Taking care of a whole garden? That’s a lot. Taking care of a single planter? Well, that might be a more manageable task. Luckily, these rustic planter boxes from Red Oak Road are so beautiful, you’ll actually want to decorate them with as many plants as you can. These are also great options for those with minimal yard space (and an itchy green thumb).

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