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This $29 Runner Rug From Amazon Is One Of My Best Home Decor Purchases Ever

After three years of living in my home, I consider myself fairly set on the decor front; there are paintings on the walls, photos on the mantels, and vases, candles, and lamps on all of the surfaces. But there is one area of the house that still feels a bit too bare: The upstairs hallway—a long, narrow strip that extends from the top of the stairs to all of the bedrooms. I’ve long struggled with how to add some vibrant hominess to this space without making it feel cramped or too busy (or spending a fortune), and I finally found the answer in this gorgeous $29 runner rug from Amazon.

Made by Aopota, this faux-wool rug comes in a wide range of colorful patterns, including one option that’s dyed in a mix of blues, reds, yellows, and off-white, which caught my eye. With its vibrant yet purposely-faded mixture of florals, medallions, and paisley, I could instantly see how the rug would jazz up my hallway without making it feel chaotic. And because it’s made from plush, durable fabric that’s designed to withstand a lot of foot traffic, I knew it’d be a good fit for such a frequently-used space.

Aopota 2’ by 6’ Non-Slip Hallway Runner Rug


The rug comes in sizes ranging from 2 feet by 3 feet to 6 feet by 9 feet. I opted for the 2 feet by 6 feet version because I liked that it’d cover most of the hallway but still leave some space by the stairs and doorways. When the rug arrived, it was folded neatly in quarters versus wrapped up in a tube, so I didn’t have to spend time trying to flatten it out and could immediately put it in place. As I walked back and forth to try it out, the faux-wool felt soft and comfortable under my feet, with just the right amount of thickness, and the rug’s anti-slip bottom kept it firmly in place. Most importantly of all, though, the pattern looked beautiful over the wood floor and made a striking contrast to the white walls.

The longer I’ve had this rug, the more I’ve fallen in love with the way it looks and feels in my home. It’s easy to keep clean, too, never shedding onto the floor and requiring just the occasional vacuum or wipe to get rid of any dirt. I’m so glad I bought it, and I’m far from the only one. “I can’t express how much we love this rug… our cats included,” one Amazon shopper who bought the rug for their kitchen said in their review, adding that “it is such a soft rug, and the subtle design is perfect next to our gray cabinets.” Another person called it their “absolute favorite rug,” explaining that “it is so soft and vacuums so well! Hands down the best price and quality.”

At just $29 for the 2 feet by 6 feet size (and only marginally more for the bigger versions), the Aopota runner rug is absolutely one of the least expensive yet most effective decor purchases I’ve made for my home. Just in case you’re still shopping, I’ve included even more options below.

Pauwer 2’ by 6’ Washable Hallway Runner Rug


Vaukki 2’ by 6’ Hallway Runner Rug


Famibay 2’ by 6’ Hallway Runner Rug


MaxRugrs 2.6’ by 6’ Hallway Rug Runner


Rugcomf 2’ by 6’ Hallway Runner Rug



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