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This Amazon Storefront Offers All Neutral Decor Under $50

One home trend that never goes out of style? Neutrals. The soft color palette can often be overlooked, but it stands the test of time in providing a light and clean space. If you’re looking to brighten up your home this spring, these elevated yet affordable finds should do just the trick. 

Amazon’s A New Take on Neutrals Home Storefront provides a variety of textures to enhance every area of your home. Layer in some depth with wood wall hooks and woven decorative baskets, or open up your room with sheer curtains and bamboo blinds. Either way, these popular finds feature an array of neutral colors and designs to create a luxurious and relaxing feel within your home. And our picks are all under $50. 

Neutral Home Items Under $50 at Amazon

  • Felidio Wood Wall Hooks Set, $20 with coupon (was $21) 
  • Zybt Rattan Mid-Century Modern Nightstand, $40 (was $74) 
  • Lush Decor Rosalie Window Curtains, $41 (was $130) 
  • Chicology Cordless Bamboo Shades, $42 (was $55) 
  • Mkono Woven Jute Rope Basket, $25 (was $35) 
  • Rool Wood Knot Decor, $24 (was $26) 
  • Qlofei White Ceramic Vase, $17 with coupon (was $30)
  • Decrafts Round Rattan Bread Basket Serving Tray, $18 with coupon (was $20) 
  • Boho Wish Large Faux Pampas Grass, $28 (was $33) 
  • Lioobo Rustic Wood Bead Garland, $8 with coupon (was $15) 

This set of handmade wooden wall hooks makes for a stylish and useful accent on your walls. With more than 1,600 five-star ratings, it’s no surprise to see why shoppers rave about the minimal, space-saving design. The hooks can hold up to 25 pounds of jackets, bags, hats, or other household items. Hang them in your entryway, laundry room, or closet in just a few easy steps. No matter where you put them, the sleek hooks are guaranteed to “blend into the wall.”


To buy: $20 with coupon (was $21); amazon.com.

Who says neutrals have to be boring? This mid-century modern rattan nightstand brings a fun edge to a traditionally polished theme. The table makes for the perfect nightstand or side table with its compact shape and drawer storage. And its bold black color instantly creates a stand out piece in any neutral bedroom or living room. Top off the table with a clear or light-colored lamp and your favorite coffee table books. 


To buy: $40 (was $74); amazon.com.

To create an even brighter and lighter neutral-colored room, cover your windows with these linen and lace curtains. Not only do the sheer curtains have more than 3,900 five-star ratings, but they are also currently on sale—up to 68 percent off. The delicate curtains are made from a cotton and linen blend and feature a lace trim on the outside for a touch of elegance. Shoppers say they “add charm to the room” and “let in the perfect amount of light.” 


To buy: $41 (was $130); amazon.com.

These best-selling bamboo shades are an easy neutral upgrade to add to your home. Each set of shades are handcrafted from 100 percent bamboo to naturally blend into your windows without any harsh chemicals. Plus, the cordless design is kid- and pet-friendly so you don’t have to worry about any tangled cords or broken blinds. Add them into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom and layer with curtains for an enhanced look. 


To buy: $42 (was $55); amazon.com.

Want to keep shopping for even more neutral decor and furniture pieces under $50? Keep scrolling through for popular picks at the new Amazon Home storefront.  


To buy: $25 (was $35); amazon.com.


To buy: $24 (was $26); amazon.com.


To buy: $17 with coupon (was $30); amazon.com.


To buy: $18 with coupon (was $20); amazon.com.


To buy: $28 (was $33); amazon.com.


To buy: $8 with coupon (was $15); amazon.com.


To buy: $20 (was $21); amazon.com.


To buy: $19 (was $23); amazon.com.


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