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TikTokers Are Sharing Their Must-Have Home Finds From Amazon & Some Are Futuristic AF

As most online shoppers will know, Amazon is website where you can buy almost anything.

Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not, the variety offered by the e-commerce company is pretty astounding, and some TikTokers are highlighting this by showing off their totally futuristic Amazon Canada home finds.

From sensor LED lights to a USB-rechargeable lighters, these products are super affordable, but when used in a creative way they can really level-up your home decor.

And, as these TikTokers are proving, you can use them to solve everyday problems and turn your house into a home of the future!

Sensor trash can


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Not a big fan of physically having to open the trash can every time you want to use it?

Clearly you aren’t alone, because loads of TikTokers have been raving about this sensor trash can that you can find on Amazon Canada.

Of course, sensor trash cans are hardly a new find. But, as TikToker @sidehustlegirl puts it, it’s not “just any sensor trash can … it’s a pretty sensor trash can!”

Sure enough, this item is white with a golden trim and even comes with trash bags.

Once you’ve put your own batteries in there, it opens with a wave of the hand and closes on its own. Pretty neat, right?

Find it here

Motion sensor LED lights


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If you want to turn your place into a home of the future, motion sensor LED lights are actually a pretty good way to do it.

As TikToker @sam.shan.shops puts it, there are so many cool ways this products can be used, be it in wire cabinets or the fridge.

But a seriously cool use of the product, as she has done, is sticking it under the handrails of a dark staircase.

Not only does this look chic and stylish, but it can also mean less accidents, especially if you’re prone to slipping on the stairs when it’s dark. A win-win.

Find it here

USB-rechargeable lighters


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For some futuristic home inspo, check out this TikTok by @ourbarnesyard, which highlights a whole bunch of cool products from Amazon that you never knew you needed.

One product highlighted is a USB-rechargeable lighter — which is pretty cool if you have candles around the house and always burn yourself when using regular short lighters.

And, of course, you can simply recharge it instead of having to buy a new one.

Another cool Amazon find in this video? A fabric shaver that can give your old couch or office chair a brand new look.

Find it here

Product squeezer


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We’ve all been there — having to squeeze the very last of the toothpaste from the tube.

Well, apparently there’s a tool that does that for you, and it’s a sweet little hack.

As highlighted by TikToker @savewithtash, this product squeezer from Amazon does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and it also looks super cute and portable.

Now it might not be as high-tech as a lot of other products TikTokers are raving about, but it also doesn’t need any batteries or electricity and can easily be stowed away until future use.

Finally, no more fighting your toothpaste tube!

Find it here

Wireless charger


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If you hate seeing cables and wires all over your home, you can pick up this wireless charging set which will instantly tidy up your space.

It’s also great to travel with because, not only is it really pocket-friendly, but you can charge up to three devices at the same time.

Finally, as TikToker @carewithkate points out, you can set it up as a stand for your phone while charging other devices, too.

Find it here

Candle warmer lamps


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Love candles but hate the idea of accidentally burning down the house?

You’re apparently not alone, as candle warmer lamps are all the rage on TikTok right now.

These aesthetic lamps heat up candles so their scent is released, without actually lighting up a flame.

A lot of TikTok users are gushing about other benefits too, like how it helps the candle last longer, levels out the wax and makes the most of a candle, even when the wick is almost burnt out.

This candle warmer from Amazon also comes with a dimmable light switch that allows people to adjust the level of heat.

And, of course, it looks great, as pointed out by TikToker @sam.shan.shops.

Find it here

Electric soap dispenser


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Who doesn’t want a high-tech kitchen?

If you hate having to push the pump of your liquid soap dispenser, you can pick up one that’s sensor operated instead.

As TikToker @yourgirlshaps showcases, it dispenses just the right amount so there’s no waste, either.

Find it here

There you have it — a few ridiculously simple products are all it takes to turn your house into a home of the future.

Happy shopping, all!

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